on December 16th, 2012

Full disclosure, until her recent whirlwind media tour, I completely forgot that Megan Fox was ever pregnant or had a baby. And that’s … impressive. It isn’t every day that a Hollywood actress gets pregnant, and doesn’t turn it into a 10-page Us Weekly spread and a subsequent nursing bra line. Megan stayed mum about her pregnancy and birth for a while — and now that she is talking, I’ve gotta say: I think what she’s saying is refreshing.

Okay, so you know how basically every time a gorgeous, rich celebrity gives birth, they give an interview afterwards, talking about how they’re not getting a nanny (despite being at a 14-hour photo shoot and interview); how they’re breastfeeding 900 hours a day; and how the only thing they would ever consider letting their child sleep on is a mattress made of organic pony hair? Yeah, Megan’s not doing that. She’s pretty much just like, “Yeah, I’m getting a baby nurse. Problem?”

Recently, Megan, half-jokingly, admitted that she said to her husband, Brian Austin Green: “We have to get a night nurse or we’re going to get a divorce because somebody’s got to sleep in this house or we’re going to kill each other.” And I respect that. Did I have a night nurse after having my kid? Nope! But if I were as rich as Megan Fox, hell yeah I’d get one! Why not? Seems like it would really make things with a newborn a lot less stressful. Doesn’t make Megan any less of a mom. For more info visit Caring Baby Nurses

on November 15th, 2012

Tomorrow will be my baby nurse’s last day with my family. I’m not sure whom I feel worse for: myself or the baby. Six weeks into this gig, I hope the baby hasn’t become completely accustomed to twice-daily baths, around-the-clock attention, careful burping, and long massages. But Nate, like his brothers and sisters before him, will survive on fewer baths, fewer massages, and — there’s no delicate way to say this — far, far less attention.

According to Baby Nurse America, an agency that places baby nurses in the tristate area, a baby nurse is a non-medical newborn specialist who is highly experienced in infant care. Baby nurses work in private homes and care for newborns typically from the day the baby arrives home through a period of several weeks or months. Normally, they provide 24-hour care and “assist new and experienced parents in every aspect of newborn care and may also help establish eating and sleeping patterns.”

In other words, they’re glorified, uniform-clad nannies who diaper, burp, bathe, swaddle, rock, and if you want, feed the baby 24 hours a day. They are not — in case you were confused — nurses.

If there is one peculiar element to having a baby in a certain slice of New York, it is the assumption that you will have a baby nurse. If you type the words “baby nurse” into any search engine, you will see that the majority of the links are in the tristate area. They may have baby nurses in California and Georgia, but those baby nurses are, in fact, likely to be registered nurses — and their employers are more likely to be having triplets than single births.

At roughly $200 a day, though, having a baby nurse can really add up.

“Worth every penny,” an acquaintance told me about her baby nurse. “We could barely afford our rent when we had our first child. But neither of us had any family in New York. And neither of us had ever changed a diaper. The grandparents pooled together and gave the baby nurse as a gift. It was the best gift ever.”

Cramped city living, not exactly conducive to having the in-laws move in for a week or two, is compatible with a baby nurse, who shares the room with the newborn. Giving the gift of a baby nurse is one way to make nice with your daughter-in-law.

One couple with far greater means never let the baby nurse go. “The baby was going to be a year old,” the father of three said about his first child, “and we still had the nurse. The nurse would go on and on about what a hard night she had had with the baby, and I’m thinking, suuure you did. Finally, I convinced my wife that enough was enough. But sure enough, when we had our second child, the same baby nurse just moved back in. This time, she stayed for eight or nine months. I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that,” he said, while calculating how much he paid the baby nurse over the course of his three children: at least $200,000.

My question is this: Who assists new and experienced parents in every aspect of newborn care across the rest of the country?

“When I was pregnant with my first, I had heard of people using baby nurses,” a friend who had her first two children in Chicago said. “But I didn’t really know any myself. My mom came and stayed with us for the first week or two. She showed me how to diaper and bathe the baby. And then my mother-in-law came for a few days. I’ve never been so sad to see my mother-in-law leave. All of a sudden, I was on my own, and it was pretty brutal.”

A mother of three who lived in different parts of the South when she had her children said that no one she knew used a baby nurse. “Having a lot of help is normal in New York, but it isn’t in most parts of the country,” she said. “That’s partially economic and partially cultural. I had help when I had my third baby, but that meant I had someone come to clean my house, or baby-sit my other children.”

There are plenty of New Yorkers who’d rather spend the money on anything but a baby nurse. “I don’t really understand why people have baby nurses,” an Upper West Side mother of three said. “The baby and baby nurse sleep all day, while you cook and clean and look after the other kids. For a lot less, you could find someone who does a lot more.”

I happen to think that if you can afford it, a good baby nurse does wonders to smooth the transition for the first few weeks of a baby’s life — for the baby and for the entire family.

A few weeks ago, my 5-year-old daughter, Kira, heard the baby nurse coo to Nate, “You are so cute, I could eat you up.”

“Go ahead,” Kira said, deadpan. When the baby nurse later teased that she was going to take Nate home, you can imagine Kira’s response.

“Good,” she snarled.

Perhaps it is Kira’s mental state that I should be worried about on Thursday — not the baby’s.



Child care is one of many most major concern if you are likely to return to work and if a baby is born. So take into account the treatment your kid receives from your baby nurse as he or she is along with your child all the time in that setting. We’ve some alternative solutions with this. Take some time to select the right choice that suits your child the best. The first solution is employing a sitter or nanny to look after your child but this has a lot of advantages. Your child will be home safe and protected with the nanny and will be taken whole attention by her. If your child falls sick, nanny will take care of your child and you don’t have to spend your time by moving your child back and forth and also from work. There’s a problem in this program, if the nanny needs carry on a holiday or if she feels ill, you don’t have a copy. Also spend as enough time as possible together with your child in spare time. This is because, your child spends a lot of time with your nanny and there’s a tendency to develop a strong bond along with your baby nurse.


The data shows that multiple mother is not confident with her baby as the baby is confident with the baby nurse. The second option is leaving your child in a small day care, and that means you will find somebody who can take care of your child with her children. There’s a possibility that there will be her children and even people. That is one of many good option if your child is sought by you to be in a home atmosphere. This situation happens if you cannot afford for a regular nanny. This option also offers the same sort of disadvantage if the nanny feels ill or goes for a trip. The third choice is that getting your child to a qualified day care center.

These type of professional day care facilities are inexpensive and we don’t need to care if the caretaker feels ill or going on a trip. Your child will even learn a lot in that day care center as it grows older. As your child can get afflicted with the germs in that day care center be prepared both of you. In most states, there should be one caretaker for seven infants. This is actually the other disadvantage taking care of nine infants by one baby nurse. So, while your child is taken by you to a day care center make sure that the nanny is not attending more than five children. The most important decisions you’ll make is selecting the proper child care center. Despite you choose the day care center, ensure your child gets the best care in the day care center you select. Visit the day care center in odd times to examine what is going on and Ensure you are satisfied.


on February 24th, 2012

Baby Nurse- Hiring the best care

Hiring a baby nurse is not a new concept and nanny is a term many people associate with their childhood. So why do you need a baby nurse? Well babies are a lot of work. They seem to stay awake during all the odd hours you could ever think of and giving birth is already stressful enough without having to deal with the tantrums of your little bundle of joy.

So baby nurses can be hired during this period when the mothers are most in need of it so that everyone can adjust to the lifestyle changes babies are known to cause. Nannies are still around but now with professional certifications are available, it is better to hire someone who has the qualifications as well as the requisite experience. Some places have also restricted the working of nannies without professional qualifications.

Benefits of a Baby Nurse

Baby Nurses can perform all tasks related to the baby’s well being including feeding, diapering, and soothing the child through the night. In addition the nurses can also bring the child to the mother when the baby is still breastfeeding, burp him (or her) and put him back to bed. As you can probably make out, the service is invaluable to mothers who have just given birth and those who are working et al.
Knowing that the baby is in capable hands, mothers can get their sleep without undue worry. Moreover, working couples generally cannot get too much time off from work and generally struggle to cope with all the demands’ parenthood brings with it. Other siblings may react positively or negatively to the newest addition to the family.
Having professional help is likely to give the family more time so that children, i.e. all of them, do not feel neglected especially the older siblings. Thus, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Moreover, the service can also be availed for a few days a week or month etc. and can be ceased when you feel you have reached the stage where the baby no longer needs constant care.